Garden Design For Large Gardens

Designing medium to large gardens

Over the years we have created designs for many medium to large gardens across Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Rutland. When designing larger gardens, there is more space to play with, which allows us scope to divide the garden into sections for different uses. Sometimes referred to as 'creating rooms' within a garden, designing a garden in this way allows us to create a journey around the garden. Some of our designs, featuring this approach encourage you to explore the garden via the different 'rooms' and encounter points of interest, specimen plants, hidden seating and surprises along the way. There is no end to the number of ways in which we can divide a garden and what proportion of the garden we decide to hide or enclose. Dividing a space may not always be the best approach. A large garden with a great view of the countryside may benefit more from keeping it open, you will probably want to enjoy the view from all angles. But certain views can be highlighted, framed and enhanced by changing the foreground and obscuring things that detract. In the same way we might design a large garden to take advantage of a view, some gardens do not have one, and the secret here is to create focal points within the garden.

Large gardens can also contain some interesting landscape features that have a large footprint. Large garden features include large ponds and small lakes. Swimming ponds are becoming more popular in the UK, as an alternative to a standard outdoor swimming pool. They are a specialist feature and require a contractor that is experienced in their construction. Multiple terraces and seating areas for entertaining. The outdoor kitchen is still a fairly new concept to the UK, special built-in units and appliances for external use are to used to create, quite literally, an outdoor kitchen. Whilst this is a great idea, we think some cover or a canopy is a good idea for these due to the UK climate. Land sculpture works well in large gardens - this involves sculpting the earth using excavators to create contours and features, which are them turfed. Charles Jencks, Garden of Cosmic Speculation is a great example of this on a grand scale. Tree plantings of interesting ornamental trees, large herbacious borders, garden buildings, tree houses and play areas can all be designed into the large garden.

Our favorite design features for large gardens

  • A modern take on formal or clipped hedges using buxus sempervirens, taxus baccata and carpinus betulus
  • Copse planting of specimen trees
  • Mazes and parterres
  • Reflecting ponds and geometric shaped pools
  • Swathe planting
  • Semi-mature feature trees and specimen plants
  • Wild flower meadows
  • Land scultpure


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