Garden Design Process


Step 1 - The Design Consultation

The first step in having your garden designed is the consultation. Consultations are usually completed in the clients garden and we advise clients to allow approx 1 hour to complete the consultation, sometimes it takes a little longer. This meeting enables us to have a good look at the garden, explain the design process in more detail, confirm the areas to be designed, discuss a few design ideas and generally talk the project through. We will also discuss which design package will be most appropriate for your project; Bespoke, Lite and / or Planting. We are always working on a number of projects throughout the year, so we recommend clients to book design consultations 1 - 2 weeks in advance. We complete most design consultations during the working week Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm. If a weekday meeting is not possible, we can occasionally accomodate a Saturday booking, but these are strictly limited. It is helpful if clients prepare for a design consultation - the more information you can provide about what you do and do not like about your garden and how you would like to use your garden in the future, the better.

Step 2 - Garden Design Quotation

With the garden design consultation complete and a clear understanding of the project, we will provide you with a clear, written quotation to design your garden. We will email your quotation to you within 5 working days of the consultation, although in many cases we are able to respond the following working day. The quotation explains when design fees are payable and what to do, to accept a quotation.

Step 3 - Surveying the Garden

All gardens need to be surveyed to obtain all relevant dimensions and site information. Depending on the size and complexity of the garden, we will either complete the survey ourselves, using our Leica surveying equipment to obtain all site levels, or it will be completed on our behalf, by our specialist surveyors. We will record all dimensions, levels, services, buildings, existing features, trees and planting as required. This information enables us to draw up an accurate scale plan of the garden. It is extremely important that the survey is accurate, as all design work is based on this and any error in the survey will lead to errors in the design. We are sometimes asked if a survey is required for a small garden - the simple answer is yes, it is essential.

Step 4 - The Design Brief & Budget Discussion

During the design consultation, we will have taken an outline brief for the garden design. We now want to confirm this information and go into more detail. We will ask you some more questions and your answers will form the design brief for the garden or framework upon which we base the design. We will also ask you about your budget for landscaping works as this will also effect what we design. There are no set costs for building a garden as size, material selection, features and planting all vary. As a rule of thumb, landscaping works will cost £75.00 - £175.00 per square meter for an average sized garden. Small spaces with a high protortion of hard landscaping and feature plants will cost considerable more. We will arrange with you the best way of obtaining the information for the design breif - it could be completed during the site survey, on a separate day or by phone and email.

Step 5 - The Concept Design

Using the site survey and working to the design brief, we can start getting creative. We will explore various design otpions until we arrive at a design that we believe you will love and meets the brief, taking into account any constraints of the site and budget. Once your concept design is ready, we will contact you to arrange a date to present the design to you. We present all concept designs to clients in a meeting space within The Landscape Yard showroom in Corby, Northamptonshire. Your concept design is presented using 3D visuals, so you can clearly understand the design and see how your garden will look. After the initial presentation and discussion, we can then refine the design and make any amendments. These amendments can be completed on the day or we can email images of the design, so that clients have some more time to consider the design before giving us final feedback. The meeting space is a comfortable space in which to discuss the concept design with tea, coffee and toilet facilities all to hand. We can also view landscaping materials in The Landscape Yard showroom. Please note that no pets are allowed and we advise against bringing along small children as it is important to be able to focus on the design without distraction.

Step 6 - The Master Plan

With the concept design all agreed, we will now draw up your master plan. The master plan is the overall design laid out as a 2D scale plan with levels and specification details. If you are building the garden yourself, this is the drawing you will work from for setting out the garden and implementing the design.  It is also the essential drawing for your contractors to work from in order to provide you with a landscaping quotation in accordance with the plans. The specification details on plan will ensure contractors quote on a 'like for like' basis, so that quotations are truely comparable. We will provide you with one black and white copy and a .pdf copy of the master plan, if required. We can also email digital master plans to any landscape or building contractors you wish and we can also print additional large format plan copies in black and white up to A1 size. We charge £15.00 per print and these can either be folded and posted to you or collected.

Step 7 - The Planting Plan

With the garden design complete, we can now design your planting scheme. This is an optional service and is not included in the garden design. Now we know the sizes of all the borders and soft landscaping details we can provide a quotation to design the planting scheme to accompany the main design.  We will already have discussed planting styles during the design brief, so we will have a good idea of the type of planting scheme you would like and that will suit the design. Once the planting plan is agreed, we will produce a 2D scale planting plan showing the plant layout of each border along with a plant schedule which details the plant names, pot sizes and quantites. We will provide you with one black and white copy of the planting plans and a .pdf copy of the planting plan, if required. We can also email digital planting plans to any landscape or building contractors you wish and we can also print additional large format plan copies in black and white up to A1 size. We charge £15.00 per print and these can either be folded and posted to you or collected.

Anything Else

In addition to your garden design and planting plans you may require some of our additional services, as follows:

  • Planting plans
  • Supply of plants, specimen plants, trees, hedging and topiary
  • Setting out of planting scheme on site ready for planting
  • Lighting plans
  • Construction drawings
  • Tendering documents
  • On site monitoring of the garden build
  • Maintenance schedules


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