Garden Designers Northamptonshire

Garden Designers Northamptonshire

Contour Garden Design is comprised of two principle garden designers; Stephen Hall and James Checkley. We have been designing gardens for many years, with hundreds of gardens designed and over forty years of combined experience in garden design, landscape construction and horticulture. After enjoying many successful years of working independantly and collaborating together on numerous garden design projects and show gardens, we decided to form Contour Garden Design in order to focus solely on designing great gardens and outdoor spaces for clients to enjoy. We are based in Corby, Northamptonshire and design gardens across our home county of Northamptonshire and the surrounding counties, of Bedfordshire, Leicestershire and Cambridgeshire. We do on occasion go further afield on request and have designed gardens in London, Oxfordshire and Lincolnshire as well as show gardens at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show and the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. We have been designing gardens for well over twenty years and still haven't lost the bug for good garden design - there is always something new and interesting to explore and every garden we design is different, with it's own unique requirements. Our clients also keep things interesting and we have had some great requests over the years. We are never daunted by challenging spaces or put off by the size of a garden, whether it's a small garden or several acres, we can always see the possibilities and how a design might work for the space. We still believe, as we always have done, that the best way to create a great garden is to use the services of a garden designer. Most people wouldn't dream of building a house without an architect or fit a kitchen or bathroom without a plan from a kitchen or bathroom designer. By working with professional garden designers, we will introduce you to new ideas, materials and styles you perhaps had not thought of and we have the expertise to combine all these things into a cohesive, functional design. Take a look at our design work - view some of our designs for small gardens and large gardens that we have created over the years. It's just a snapshot of our design work (or the tip of the iceberg!), but it will give you a flavour of our design style and what we can design, you will find a good mix of contemporary and traditional designs incorporating a wide range of features and different design ideas. Find out more about how we work by reading our design process and our guide to garden design fees. Please note that with reagrd to design fees, we cannot say exactly what your design fee will be, until we have seen and discussed your garden. If you like what you see and would like your garden transformed into a great space for you, your friends and family to enjoy, then say hello to Contour Garden Design and book your garden design consultation today.


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